Beer thirty

Julia and Robin came to visit me yesterday at The Guelph Potters Market. It was an amazing success with next to perfect weather- blue skies and sunshine until an hour after tear down when all hell broke loose with rain and thunder.
It turns out there was a wood fire alley that worked brilliantly. Quite often wood fire is mixed in with the highly coloured work and it gets over looked. The brown and flash started with Kim Harcourt, went to Emma Smith, to the brightly coloured Tc , to Bruce Almighty Cochrane, around the corner to Heather Smit and then the rookie Jordan Scott. It was great fun to hang with my peeps.
My favourite pot that I sold at the show went to Lee Ann Jannisen and was bought by her husband Peter for her birthday. I really loved this pot and I love that it went home with Lee Ann and Peter. Keep that man, Lee Ann.  It was in the back corner of the wood kiln and slightly oxidized which made the cobalt really pop. Sometimes you are just pleased to know where your children are.

 Julia picked out a plate with ants on it from Andrea Vuletin as her new plate for home and a wee creamer from Emma Smith to serve her Jack the Bear when they have tea together.  After Julia visited with Grandpa she was exhausted and her and mama went home for a cold beer at beer thirty

on the steps of her house in Little India in Toronto. Julia the camera loves you and so do I.


Unknown said…
That little one is in potter stance ! Perfect choice of ants on a plate ( I want one too ) and so sweet and YUGE hearted to think of her jack the bear ' tea time ! She has the heart of a potter ! ❤️

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