Preparing to be scolded

This coming Tuesday is the celebration of the life of my friend Robin “Grass” Hopper. Many have asked if I will be present and unfortunately I won’t be. I’m going to be spending a month in BC beginning in early June so I will be there to visit Chosin Pottery and pay my respects privately. I’m getting prepared to be scolded.
Here is a picture of Grass in the garden. I think he fell asleep trying to talk some sense into me. He had been warning me to slow down or I would burn myself out as he had done with an itinerary that included 3 workshops in a row. His last workshop was with me at Sheridan College and he went home and completely broke down. It was the last workshop he ever did.
So I will go out to the garden and take my whipping on my chest and not my back. Grass I tried to make these workshops happen so I could get out there before you did your curtain call and exit stage left. It didn’t work so meet me in the garden and we’ll have that talk.  Thank you for that red folder that just magically arrived in the mail last week _” Tony Clennell Cone 10 Dry Glaze Series with much colour variation”.  I’ll bring it with me in case I have any questions. You knew I would so now I have the manual so that I can RTFM.

Now for the scolding. Following a show at The Potter’s Market in Guelph  I added a third workshop to my BC tour. The two workshops in Vancouver are full with a waiting list.
The following workshop is just being promoted on Vancouver Island.
Title: Your Work is a Gift
This hands on throwing workshop will focus on larger than life utilitarian pottery for occasional use. We will pay attention to the details on large casseroles, jugs, bowls, baskets and plates so they may be used for celebration and presentation.
Dates:  Sat. June 17 and Sunday June 18th 10-4
Price: $225 for Clay Club Hub members and $250 for non-members
Location: Clay Hub, 2315 Koksileh Rd., Cowichan Station (south of Duncan) on Vancouver Island
To register contact –

I’m rather nervous about this meeting in the garden. Cya soon! Dr. T


John Bauman said…
Just came across the Robin Hopper DVD in my friend's kitchen drawer today. I pulled it out and read the cover. Then I brought it home to watch. Maybe it will feel a little like meeting him in person -- something I didn't get to enjoy in life.

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