Wow- A Shout Out!!!

I just had the occasion to visit the show at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas “Pas de Deux” by Maureen Marcotte and David McKenzie from Wakefield, Quebec. This certainly is a beautiful dance by two very accomplished dancers. ThIt is an extensive show that filled both sides of the gallery. I was completely blown away by this show. There was so much of that show I would like to have brought home. By the number of red dots,  I think there were a lot of people that felt the same way.
First of all the handbuilt work- man that’s what I have been talking about. This work had beautifully finished foot rings and added rims and the decoration is to die for. I of course loved the ripped edges on some of David’s pieces and the narratives are both amusing and captivating.
The deep olive glaze that appeared to be an ash glaze similar to old Song Dynasty glazes particularly appealed to me. Gawd, it’s a lovely show. A piece of their work is on my must have list. I am doing a workshop in Ottawa in Sept and thought I might go over to Wakefield to The Black Sheep Inn ( Le Mouton Noir) which is one of my favourite musical haunts.  I will take in some music and perhaps indulge myself. There is one big bowl in that Korean celadon with a herringbone pattern around the rim that ain’t red dotted yet and it was calling out as I snuck out the door. Herringbone is one of my favourite patterns.

Absolutely lovely show you two. I am a total fan.


Anonymous said…
And I thought you favored tweed!
Susan said…
Looks like a wonderful show. Kudos to Maureen and Dave!

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