The Potter’s Porsche

Which one of these Porsche’s belongs to the potter?  The Porsche Club came for lunch at Pinecroft Pottery today. Next week the Mustang Club is coming and the week after the Mazda Miata Club. These are all the folks we keep the prices of our pottery low for so that they can have a day off to go out for lunch in their sexy little cars. Looked like some older dudes with some pretty sexy younger women. I wonder if the golden labs Roxy and Maggie could work the same magic at a lot less cost.
Here are some trays out of the gas kiln today.  There was a day in another life when I would make a slab of clay lay it in a commercially made mold, cut off the excess clay, glaze it, fire it  and sell it.  I made them by the hundreds. Boy, wasn’t I an amazing artist? That is workshop material.

 Today the molds lay dormant and I make these trays. I throw clay on the wheel and throw it on the table to stretch it into these sculptural vessels providing a visual function as well as providing a sanctuary for a banana and some oranges. I’ll have a couple of these vessels at the Guelph Potter’s Market this weekend. If you aren’t interested in my pottery at least come and see my cute little grand daughter Julia. She is coming to support Grandpa. My bet her eyes will work the magic a Porsche couldn’t.


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