Your cold cold heart

I’m trying to soften the hard cold heart of my friend Carter Gillies. Carter said that he wished that I continue to wood fire my mugs as he only seemed to like mugs that were soda, salt or wood fired. Such a cold, cold heart for all that is good out there fired in alternative manners. Why can’t you

free your doubtful mind and melt your cold, cold heart. Here are some of the pots I unloaded from the gas kiln this morning.
I once said good potters can make good pots no matter what clay, what kiln, what atmosphere they are asked to use. Electric kilns and earthenware brought me to me knees on that one.
Carter I like these cups and I am not sure they would be improved by soda, salt or wood. I loaded some pots in the wood kiln today with the same slip/glaze treatment so we’ll see if they are that much better. If they are I’ll make cups for the wood kiln again and one is destined for CG of Athens, Georgia compliments of your word smith Canuck friend.

Every single pot I have entered in a show has been wood fired although I must admit 85% of my living has been made from my natural gas kiln. I always believed in a royalty of firing- electric, propane, natural gas, oil and the king/queen of all being wood. I’m really pleased with the crackle I am showing and if the wood kiln blesses them even further I will stoke the firebox till my last breath. Look longest at what you think you don’t like for it is from that you will learn the most. Much love, T


carter gillies said…
Thanks T <3

I feel my cold heart a meltin'!

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