Emma my love

Some really great discussion on several of my latest blog posts. I don’t know how to include all the conversation that I get thru my blog,  FB, my email, and the phone.
One little comment on "Advice from Big Bobby Clobber"  from my friend and former student Emma Smith “great advice”. Actually Emma my love it is you that started me thinking about my cups and the price. You mentioned that last time we met you were putting your new cups at a price exactly twice the price of mine. You had invested a lot of time in the drawing, firing etc, etc and therefore needed that kind of money. I didn’t think that crafty little shit. No, I thought yes a good cup is worth every penny charged for it. It is after all the Walmart greeter of the kitchen. Good morning, sir and how are you today? Welcome to my house and this beautiful day. Please enjoy the rest of it!
A good cup is your friend and therefore ought to be as precious to you as a friendship.
Then in the afternoon I got a phone call from Reid Flock telling me he had been hit like a hammer on the Advice of Big Boggy Clobber.
I reminded Reid of our being at The 260 Fingers Show together. I was re entering the market after a spell away from the scene.  I was working like a dog selling cups, small bowls and a few one offs from my display of 100+ pots. Reid was across from me with probably 8-10 pots all priced over $2000. By late Sunday afternoon I figured I had sold $2500 worth of work and Reid had sold not one piece. Yaaaaaaah, me, poor Reid. Then just as we were ready to pack up at 4:55 Reid made a sale of a large bright yellow bowl installation piece for $3000. One piece and he had smoked Smokie. Trying hard to think of an analogy. Wait to the hit the long ball or chip away at the score with base hits. Not too sure about my ability to hit too many long balls to win the game so I play it safe chipper.chipping away. 
He can who thinks he can, and he can’t who thinks he can’t. Pablo Picasso

P.S I love you too, Jesse Black.


Holly G said…
love you both, you and Reid. keep on making. Just need to know where I can find what you make.

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