Wood Coons

I first heard the term “wood coon used by Mick Casson in Wales. He was referring to way we all looked after firing his big two chamber kiln. Most of us had black soot around our eyes and the smart ones that wore glasses had two white circles surrounded by soot from wiping their sweating faces.  We looked like racoons.
There will be a number of wood coons at The Guelph Potter’s Market this weekend. They usually clean up pretty well.   There is a four pack of us all together Bruce Cochrane, Emma Smith, Heather Smit, and Yours truly.  Kimmy Harcourt and Monica Johnson are just around the corner as well as our fearless leader Barb Murphy.  Jordan Scott and his mum Melody Green will also be there showing off some wood fired work.  That means almost 20% of the show is wood fired. Birds of a feather flock together. We trying our hardest to make in roads on Floating Blue, Waterfalls and Rosie’s Red.

I am a virgin at this show but I hear it is a beautiful venue along the river under some majestic big trees. Guelph is a lovely University town with lots of good coffee shops, and pubs and eateries. Come on out this weekend and meet the wood coons as well as the 40 other excellent makers. I think every firing method is covered as well as conceptual, sculptural and functional. Something for everyone.  I’m just looking forward to hangin’ with my peeps. I have a winter’s worth of tales, lies and embellishments to share around a beer at the end of the day. Hope to see y’all down by the riverside.


Anonymous said…
There's a first time for everything!

Have a great show, Tony!

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