A woman moved in.

On my way home from Ottawa I passed Crazy Jerry’s junk yard and saw the woman of my dreams. Crazy Jerry told me she is the perfect woman. For $20 that’s all she will ever cost ya and she don’t talk back. Sold, said I!. This may be the very first cheap date I’ve ever had.

That's a sweet jug of Andrew Kellner's he gave me from his Grad show at WVU.

Psychologists say most people need a scapegoat. They can demonize someone else for the darkness that lays within their own hearts.  Now I have one.
I have to name my new date. I think I’ll call her Maggie after Margaret Thatcher -The Iron Lady.
Now when things go wrong as they have been known to do, I’ll just say it is all because of Maggie. Now, I don’t have to face up to the question mark of life- alone.  I have her to talk to and her to blame.
Maggie is supposed to be garden art but after giving it some serious thought I can’t have a woman living outside and besides she will be great company not only for me but for Jack the Bear..  She will be able to withstand my cooking with her steel stomach.  I brought home a tofu vegetable dish from a Vietnamese Restaurant just to see if she died before I did. We both lived through it.
 I also went out and bought her a $5 bouquet of flowers from Lisa down the road and put them in an old porcelain wood fired vase by Harlan House. It was with sadness I read that Harlan was quitting porcelain after 50 years to become a blacksmith. He will make art of some kind, it just won’t be white.

Now I have a woman to buy a cashmere sweater for at Christmas. I love yellow as you all know and I think Maggie will look absolutely breath taking in lemon yellow.


smartcat said…
Unknown said…
Hope Maggie gets to stay inside.
Unknown said…
Hope Maggie gets to stay inside.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Maggie looks great! You be nice, now.
Harlan House is leaving porcelain? I cannot believe it! I learned how to make platters too large to put anywhere in the house from him! What a generous man. You do have generous and amazing friends, T. Like minds, you know?
Vicki Hamilton said…
I must have clicked on the wrong identity!

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