You’re damn right I got the blues

You’re damn right I got the blues
From my head down to my shoes- Buddy Guy
I’m as busy as a jaybird’s ass during mulberry season getting pots ready for Shane and Elizabeth to pick tomorrow and take for my part in the show “The Storytellers” starting next Saturday at Shane Norrie Contemporary.
I’m rather partial to the blue ones. My eyes are blue, my favourite colours are yeller and blue, and sometimes post firing I get the blues. I shoulda, coulda, woulda always rears its ugly head. It just seems I ain’t never satisfied. The next batch, the next firing, the next show will be better. That said this is the best I could present to you on this day, this month and this year.
The pots are out on my patio now and the racers, the so-whats, the seconds and the landfill are everywhere. When the crème de la crème racers are chosen and presented in that beautiful gallery along with Mary Philpott and Shane Norrie’s work I know I will feel a sense of pride in the work.  I have worked hard for this show as it is that important to me. It’s almost a coming out party. Coming out after 4 or 5 years of finding my footing again as a solo artist.
Lisa the lady at the corner with the most beautiful English country garden is picking a bunch of flowers for the show.
Thanks to The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers for your love and support. You are the best of the best. Thanks also to my old student Frans Rood for making this easy photo set up for me and to my I-phone 7 camera that is amazing. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on photos. Often the photography cost me more than the pot was worth.

If you can come out next Saturday I’d love to see you. I know Robin and Julia will be there. Here is Julia protesting for Universal Pharmacare at The Labour Day parade in Toronto today. I hope the pots stand as strong as the kids I raised. 
 Tall jug
Grass stash

Tea jar

Coffee Set

Big jar

Nice jar under that knob

Signature basket

Teapot and nasty trivet

NC wild clay cup and saucer

Beware of Commie Protester


chandler said…
these are true racers. Love Love. will check with Shane as to the price on one of those goofy cover jars. Finally a lid I can pick up. love the blues.
Holly G said…
fabulous fabulous pots, congrats.

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