Ahar me matie

The other day I left my studio mate and went off shopping at Curry’s Art Supplies. I’m a Capital “A” artist now with official art supply tool box, paper, pencils, pens and knibs.
When I got back to The Cactus Lounge all was dark and quiet so I went down to the studio to put the children to bed. I had to tuck them all in for the night and make sure their plastic covers were snug around their bottoms. On the seat of my chair was a little night time eye candy from Amber. It is her Grad Show catalogue from Royal College of Art. Wow, what a beautiful book of work. Check out the photography that shows a reflection of the piece instead of a shadow.  I had to chuckle at the titles. If you know Amber they are so her.

The Colour of My Boredom

The Most Insidious Aspect of my Decadence

The Toilsome Uselessness of Unchanging Days

A Must Read
Daydreaming and Endless Analysis  

We must have been on the same energy level as I had stopped at Chapter’s to buy her “ tiny beautiful things advice on love and life  from Dear Sugar- authour Cheryl Strayed. I gave this book to Emma Smith and she said it saved her life.  I should buy a dozen copies of this book. I recommend it to anyone that thinks about love and life. Grannie Willoughby said the other day on FB- Sonny it is good to step outside your comfort zone. I don't think I live in a a comfort zone. It is always changing and I surround myself with people that are pushing their work full on.  A place where people daydream and are endlessly analyzing. 


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