An insincere apology

I’m home here at The Cactus Lounge after a participatory workshop this weekend in Ottawa at Ecole de Poterie de Gloucester. What a great facility and a very keen group of students.
I’d like to thank my friend Jen Drysdale for letting me hang at The El Patron for the weekend and finally spend some time with her squeeze- Ed. We connected on many levels especially those times in our lives when our halos slipped.  Ed has me beat.
Ed mentioned that Jen’s association with me gave her work life, enthusiasm and commitment like never before. Thanks Ed but I will share the kudos with the band of gypsies I put together that have come to be known throughout the land as The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers. Everyone of the group have gone on to win awards and accolades.  Wanna play better pool? Hang with players that are better than you or at the very least your equal.
One of the potters this weekend suggested that the uneven top of my handle would not be acceptable to the Guild Standards Committee for the Guild Sale. I have been stewing all the 8 hour drive home. Where, what, how do I ever begin to explain?  So instead of a rant I will apologize to Jen. Sorry Jen you probably through your acceptance of the invitation to be mentored by me have narrowed your audience and therefore your market. Your growing reputation as a fine potter and $1.79 will get you a dark roast at Tim Horton’s. I'm so sorry, Jen. Har, har you know I'm not. I'm gloating with pride for all the CLFT.
I might as well give you my definition of a good pot. A good pot is one that I like. Here are two fine examples of pots I like – Jen Drysdale and Leslie McInally.

Jen and I visited The General in Almonte, Ontario which is a wonderful store of art and fine craft. Here is a pic of one of Jen’s ewers in The General and a display of Leslie McInally’s work at The Gloucester Pottery School.  This is work I describe as touchy feely. This is work a blind person could enjoy. Surface, form, animation and most of all tactility. If you know what you like don’t let no one say ya don’t!


Anonymous said…
Just tell them to get a handle on it!

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