Little pricks

The kids are acting up again at the wood kiln. They stayed up too late being trailer trash and perhaps drank too many bottles of grape and wobbly pops.  Since I'm the only guy on this crew I figure this door is intended for me. Nice cactus complete with little toothpick pricks. I get so little respect from the grouping of reprobates. Teresa is down on her knees asking for forgiveness from God but there will be none as they are long past redemption. When women reach middle age it gives us men pause to catch our breath.
It's been a nice cool day and the kiln is going according to schedule. It would be nice to see some rain as we have had none since early July. Herm had a good turnout of probably a dozen musicians on the stage to sing for us and the pizza oven has been warming all day long for our pizza party tonight.
Today I took a moment to sit by the pond and reminded myself of what a lucky little prick I am. How many people get to be overeducated, hanging out with very creative and cool people and make art for a living? Life is good for those of us that know that life is good!
Off to the kiln to share the stars, the pond, the pizza and the good company of the kids.


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