Could I have this dance?

Could I have this dance
for the rest of my life?
Could you be my partner
every night?
When we're together
it feels so right.
Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?
Anne Murray

Ok, ok it is a cornball notion from a hardened heart but I am at the dance again with my favourite group of women. Everyone knows their job and they do it instinctively now. We know who is loading, we know who is starting, we know who does the middle innings, the graveyard shift and the closing. I don't ever remember a cross word in all the times we have fired together.
They are at the kiln loading it and I am here at home talking to you because I can. I have full confidence in this group and I have missed them over the summer.
So we dance again this weekend.
Here are some pots I just unloaded from last week ends wood firing.
Dancing to me is like standing still only faster.


Anonymous said…
Spoken like an old flame!

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