Swimming beside a cruise ship

I’m afraid I’m not cut out for cruise ships or beach holidays. If I were on a cruise ship I’d be tempted to jump overboard and swim beside it. A cruise ship would be like a prison cell to me only bigger with better food, a good view, a better bed and a licensed bar. Well actually it doesn’t even closely resemble a prison cell and for the record I don’t think I’d look all that great in an orange jump suit.
 I was supposed to rest up after a pretty intense couple of weeks. I thought I’d clean and mop the studio today so it would be clean when I return from Ottawa and I would be ready to rock and roll. Well it was clean by noon and I decided I’d slip cast some vazes. A vaze is $100 more than a vase. I got 3 out of the mould and a 4th I’ll pop out in the morning.
You know I love extreme handles well with these forms my mind slipped back to a little project John Neely gave me at USU. He said make some little pots that look like big pots. What I learned from that was the proportion of the handle. If I put a bigger handle on the small pot the size was a give away in a photo.

I started adding some little bits and leaving the slip seam.  I’ll cover them with thin plastic and think about them over the weekend.  I’m under the gun again. I get home from Ottawa for a couple of weeks  and then I’m right smartly off to Cinncinati and we fire on October 20th. I have no pots to show at the wood fired show entitled “Bon Feu” that I initiated with Shane Norrie Contemporary for Nov 4th.. I’m not keen on showing pots that have already been shown in the gallery. There are 24 invited wood fire potters from the province that will be in attendance. We have rented the entire Red Rabbit which is a 5 star fantastic restaurant for a 2 hour meal before the show. Then since we all like to party we have booked rooms at The Parlour which is a beautifully restored hotel with a great bar for the after show party. Maybe then I will be comfortable looking at cruise ship tours. Oops I have two wood firings planned in November with the London Potters Guild and the Mississauga Potters Guild. Christmas sale and time with family and then grilled carrots on a bun with Dan Finnegan in NC. If he cooks tofu or if I get a whiff of humus there may be a riot from this cell mate.


Unknown said…
Grilled carrots on a bun 😳 Now that's cruel

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