Glenn’s Boogers

Like we used to say in elementary school when we saw one of our class mates picking their nose “ Trade ya a brown one for a green one!’ It was a  kid's mean way of saying caught ya.
Today in the mail I got a nice present from cyber friend and Georgia southern belle Katy Bryant.  I’ve been spinning out some fancy moves, some sweet tricks and surprising doo-dahs in the past month. I’ve fired two back to back wood kilns in the past two weeks, had a show at Shane Norrie Contemporary( and a big hug and thank you to all for your much appreciated support) and I taught a class at Pinecroft.  Two day turn around and I’m off to Ottawa to do a workshop.  I thought I’d take a little time to stumble, mumble and bumble but in the mail comes this challenge from Katy. She has been very complimentary of my drawing so included were pencils and sketchbooks. Then these huge rolls of different size of corrugated paper I am supposed to use for surface decoration. Then if this is not enough a box of Glenn Dair’s boogers. These are big chunks of soda/salt from the inside of the kiln. Why does everyone want me to lose money first before they give it a try?  Andrew will be itching to get his grimy hands on these boogers so he can rip his fingers off while trying to throw with it in his bastard porcelain.
Thanks Katy Belle for your random act of kindness. 
I’m rather intrigued with this nasty shit. I’m thinking I may hammer it down to a small particle size, ball mill it and do some corrugated green booger hand built additions to the slip cast porcelain bottles I have started to play with. They are just way to slick to have my name on them. What I did learn from The Storytellers is that more is more at least for me. The best complement I got during the show was “ Your work doesn’t look like pottery!” Wait till I get to tell them I get my nasty surface from this Georgia  red truck drivin’  foo man chooed dudes nose boogers. Great marketing, eh? 

Everywhere I go I am a student. What will my class in Ottawa teach me this week?  No time to stumble, mumble and bumble.


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