The Dumb Actor Reads His Lines

One for the money, two for the show. I made a slip cast vazzzzzzze too thin and it slumped. Nothing is an accident for those that see possibility in what others would discard.  I thought I would dissect it and use its parts on another piece. Turns out I can get pieces for two by making one that fails. Now I intend to fail on purpose. This fits in perfectly with the Power Point I presented at the Shadbolt Center in Burnaby, BC entitled “Fail it ain’t so bad- look at me.”
One piece of advice I got from Mick Casson in the UK was to “narrow your selection”. He laughed at North American potters that made 40 or 50 items. This vase form comes out of the mould exactly the same each time. Talk about a narrowed selection.  What I do to change that is up to my creative mind. The dumb actor that reads his lines would leave it as it is. I prefer improv.

We potters of the 21st century are very privileged. Most of us are over educated, pretty darn lucky to be able to make art into a living. What I don’t understand is why those that don’t need to make money from their craft insist on making the same thing over and over like dumb actors reading their lines.  One of my women blues heroes is Bonnie Raitt. She spoke of her father who made a living in musical theatre playing the same role night after night on Broadway. She said he tried to make it different and fresh  every night. Now that is” Something to talk about”. That’s what I am trying to do with these vases.

I am covering my arse with some production ware to get out to stores for Christmas. The vases I am hoping are destined for “Bon Feu” a show with the wood fire family in November at Shane Norrie Contemporary. For gallery quality pieces you need to make one for the money and two for the show. Often times it is 2 multiplied by many.

The dumb actors read their lines

Knowing they would be happier on the farm. – Hawksley Workman (one of my favourite life performers.)


Anonymous said…
and 3 to get ready, and 4 to go!

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