Rusty Cage

I’m going to break
I’m going to break my
I’m going to break my rusty cage and run- Johnny Cash
One of my favourite Johnny Cash songs in his sunset years.
Be careful of blaming someone else for your chains or the cage you find yourself trapped in. I gave up blaming someone else for my chains long ago. It was the day I left home to be an adult.
My wife will kill me if I buy this Harley Davidson. Bullshit! My wife will go crazy if I go off to fire a wood kiln again this weekend. Bullshit! My wife would kill me if I quit my job to make art. You guessed it- bullshit!  I sent this to a young friend last week “ Love is not about loosing freedom; it’s about sharing freedom with a partner who’s as talented a liberationist as you.
One of my favourite commenters on my blog wrote this morning to tell me he is involved in yet another soul sucking job to keep the wolves away. He and his partner live in Toronto where a single family dwelling average price is over 1 million $$$$$$$. The house beside me just sold for $225,000 brick with a finished rec room and corner lot. The one across the street sold for $239,000 brick with a nice garage suitable for a studio. My town is where farmers retire. There are small towns outside of Aylmer where a good house and property would be cheaper. I would be homeless in Toronto. I moved to where I could make my art. I have always done that with one fatal exception.  I cut the chains of big city living and I’m perfectly happy without a grande salted malted carmel frappachino.
Shane Norrie and Elizabeth Davidson from Shane Norrie Contemporary were here this aft to pick pots for our show “ The Storytellers.” . We went for lunch at The Green Frog Tearoom at Pinecroft and toured what is the living dream of my aunt and uncle that began 70 years ago.
I am living their dream. I am so glad they pointed me down this muddy road.

Shane Norrie Contemporary will be putting my work on line and work from the show after 2pm on Saturday the day of the opening. If there is something you love it would be my pleasure to live with ya. Don’t let me hear you say my partner would kill me. If you live in that kind of rusty cage you better break out and run. Run for your life! I let a few birds outta their cage today.


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