I’m staggering back to the studio to work. It has been a big fall of firing the wood kiln. I don’t spring back as I did when I was 27.  I have one to unload on Saturday and then another to load and fire the following weekend. That’s it for 2017. All week I’ve ended up on the couch for an hour long ciesta after lunch. I go into a deep coma so I know I’m tired.
I need some rest so that I can meet Dan Finnegan at Starworks NC and start on some new work. I haven’t got the foggiest idea what I am going to do yet. I have been hearing rumours Takuro has a dirty porcelain. If dirty means some balls by means of a good course fireclay I’m all over that. This is back to school for me so I don’t want to make what I could make at home. I will have an amazing ceramic brain (Takuro) at my doorstep so I want to tap that to the fullest. I will be living on the property of Bruce Gholson who is one of the best glaze minds in the bizz.
I started making some platters that will fill my gas kiln just so I can say I fired it this fall.  When I have wood on my mind it is hard for me to think gas. I really do make different pots for each kind of firing.
If the triumph you seek isn’t humbling, it’s not the right triumph.

Right now I’m thinking of Dan, Starworks, Takuro/Hitomi, Bruce/Sam, David/Nancy  and the entire wonderful  community of Seagrove that is so rich in ceramic knowledge and history. I am the richest man in this room tonight- Dan Finnegan.

The original Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers pen and ink arrived from DH which I just love. More art for my man cave.


Unknown said…
Thanks so much for your book Tony. Hope are using the brush. Best to you, Rick Berman

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