Artist's Condos

I'm building artist condos for creative birds. I think birds nests are pieces of art not just paintings of birds nests are art. I've had this crazy robin banging it's head on my office window all morning. The thing is hurting itself wanting to put an offer in on one of my houses.
The Long Black Veil.

I see subdivisions springing up all over the nation- the same, the same and more of the same. Houses don't look individual anymore. Oh you'll know my house it's the one with the yellow garage door. Oh boy such a display of creativity. Even the McMansions being built around me don't really speak of the owners tastes. They could be Anywhere, Canada or Any town, USA.
I'm having fun being a studio potter, turned architect, turned builder, turned abstract painter. . No one would want one of my houses to actually live in but I think they are going to look awesome on the wall of someone's house. Well maybe a couple of people I know would like a house like this but the resale value would be brutal. That is the point of one of a kind. Realtors want your house to look sterile. Get rid of the pots, the art, the sculpture, the photos of loved ones. Just show the bare bones is the realtors advice. But, but, but I like to be surrounded by interesting objects. If I wake up in a sterile environment I will think I have had a stroke and have been hospitalized or perhaps I died and they actually let me in thru the Pearly Gates.
I have 8 more houses to fire and paint to complete for my subdivision. Bird brains wanted.
Bird Brain Subdivision
The Red Door.


But they ARE all the same;
All the entries are round!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, you know what they say, a square peg like you would never fit in a round hole.
Anonymous said…
Love the model homes you are building, can't wait to see the artistic community is it going to be like Findhorn?
Anonymous said…
Is there an artist colony in Canada, or are we too far spread out?
Anonymous said…
Send those "birdhouses" to the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, would love to see an exhibition of them.

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