Messin' with good faith

The man that dies with the most tools wins. I just found a new favourite pottery tool. I love Fiskar products- guaranteed for life.  Guaranteed for life- now that is a product guarantee.  I love my Fiskar axe. Today I tried out a Fiskar sharp knife that fits over my finger. This was love at first finger.
I lost my sharpie Dolan knife and was thinking of getting a new one ASAP. Today the Fiskar got a test ride. I love it! Half the price and orange so I can find it amongst the clutter of my studio.
 I used to offer a life time guarantee on my pots when I did production. I would take pie plates back even though I saw the marks of the  elements from a electric stove burner on the bottom. I tried to make the best product I could and if someone wanted to mess with my good faith then so be it. I don't let people drain my positive energy by imposing their negative energy. Replace it and move on.
My friend Emma Smith is into Darn Tough socks guaranteed for life. She is wearing them every day to see if they wear out. They will wear out there is no doubt. They cost $30 a pair. I am trying it too. They are really comfortable socks and even if I get a year out of them they are worth it. I know you can buy a pack of 4 for $12 of lots of brands but they don't have the courage to offer you a life time guarantee.
Will I take them up on the guarantee is what they are gambling on.  Will I mess with their good faith?


Anonymous said…
Quality guaranteed, your the last of a dying breed.
Annied01 said…
Beautiful knife!!i too prefer to buy products that the makers are so sure if they guarantee them ... Xoxox Anne

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