Garden art- gators, turtles, rocks, -------

Here is a tiny fraction of the garden art around Chosin' Pottery.  There are so many creative things we can do with our properties without heading out to the garden centre and spending a fortune. You need finales for the top of your fence posts. Make your own!
Thrown finales
You want a creative walk way make some koi  and imbed them in the cement.
Easy to catch Koi
My little grand daughter loves turtles. Here is one peering over the edge of the water feature in the back yard. This is the view from Judi's studio.
Turtle Island
A bird bath with some reticulated glaze rocks within.
Rock on!
Beware there is a gator in the pool!!!
Memories of Mississippi 
Then there should be some humour in the garden.
Oh come on give me a laugh!
Stork claims a VW bug from the parking lot
Art is everywhere!
I've been stalling at doing some tiles for my kitchen counter and now I'm excited to start the project.
They will be individual and mine. I think I need to add some critters and some humour. I knew this holiday would be inspiring. I needed to look at some of the pots I have admired for years, some garden art. There are hundreds of pots, hundreds of pieces of garden art and hundreds of ideas now swimming in my mind. Oh Lord, someone shoot me will ya. 


Unknown said…
Oh good grief with the garden art �� this must be a disease going around lately as I spent Sunday spray bombing some older metal yard art in wild colors and patterns . Loads o fun before getting back in studio for heavy work schedule ahead . Wish I could post pictures.
Anonymous said…
It doesn't take long before some pottery or ceramics moves out of the studio and finds it way in your garden, it's just another creative space that needs your attention.

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