C eh N eh D eh! Happy Birthday Canada.
C.A., N.A., D.A., tell me what's a Douglas-fir?
C.A., N.A., D.A., betcha never heard a bobcat purr?
C.A., N.A., D.A., have you ever seen a lobster crawl?
In Canada, we get to see them all!

We get to see the maple trees, maple sugar, and the maple leaves,
We got the biggest wheat fields growing tall.
In C.A., N.A., D.A., where we see the reversing falls,
In Canada, we get to see them all!- Stompin' Tom Conners

I've been everywhere man seen the deserts bare man. There are so many fabulous places on this earth. When I am there i feel like I could totally live there- a stone cottage in the land of my ancestors in Northern England, an apt in Tuscany, a barber shop in Star, NC, a hippie trailer on Salt Spring Island , a Airstream on the Red Neck Riveria,  move in with Ronnie and Hester Rat and never leave, oh the the list goes on. 
I've been placed here in Aylmer, Ontario and today it is as good as it gets. My day lilies are about to bloom, it's 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside and and I'm going out tonight to celebrate Canada Day with fireworks and hot dogs. I can't remember when i last ate a hot dog. 
Love ya Canada!


smartcat said…
Oh Canada! Toes crossed that it was a great celebration!
Anonymous said…
True north, strong and free!
Gotta love this country of ours.
Anonymous said…
If you feel like wandering down to the Ceramics Lab at Mohawk College for a workshop next summer that would really be appreciated. We need you!

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