Welcome home!

 Here is my welcoming committee. After nearly two weeks away in Maryland I drove the trip home today. I worried all the way that I had left Jack the Bear without too much in the fridge and I hadn't arranged for Kathy to drop in to make sure he was Ok. I had beer in the fridge, cheese, prosciutto, crackers,  a freezer full of meat, some bar brand tequila and the stuff a couple of typical bachelors live on.  I forgot a couple of lemons and tomatoes in my Emma Smith big bowl so they had started to grow green fuzz.
Jack didn't get off his lazy arse to even make himself something to eat. My guilt had me drop by the Duty Free Shop at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo and buy him a top shelf bottle of Patron tequila. It sells for $100 a bottle here in Canada and was $45 at the bridge.  He'll have to wait till tomorrow night when I go out shopping for some limes.
I also worried about my flowers. I have spent a fair chunk of change on plants this year and didn't want to loose them in this scorching heat. I have a in ground sprinkler but it doesn't quite reach everything. Much to my delight the flowers were there to greet me. I'll give them some extra special luvin' this week and they will be back in full colour.
I always liked the looks of a nice flower garden but never much cared to do anything about one. This must be a sign of advancing years that I go away and think about the flowers.
Today on the Peace Bridge the cars were backed up past the half way point of the bridge. coming into Canada.  As I inched over the middle point into what I thought must be the Canadian side of the Niagara River a sense of calm came over me. Home sweet Canada.   I thought about my return from NC and the customs guy said to me "Welcome home, sir!" He didn't know how good that sounded. It feels good to be home.
A chair is still a chair
Even when there's no on sittin' there
Jack ain't no cheap date! In case you're wondering that is an Andrew Kellner pillow from his textile days at OCADU.

Day lilies. What a great colour combo.

This ain't the ditch variety- this is a sweetie. I call them shino lilies.

Brown eyed Susans- They are hardy and last forever.

Shasta daisies- I have 5 colours. I've had to nurse them. Lovely in a bud vase.

Hydrangea- I planted sticks in the ground two years ago now it is a forest of blooms.
But a chair is not a house
And a house is not a home
When there's no one there to hold you tight
And no one there you can kiss goodnight- Luther Van Ross

Good night, Jack.. I love you! Sleep tight!


Anonymous said…
You've got a green thumb attached to your dab hand.
bptakoma said…
Brown-eyed Susans are the state flower of Maryland. ;)

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