Givers and takers

This may seem like my simplistic view of the world but in my world I see givers and takers. Those that give to the world and those that take from it.
I have been blessed to have surrounded myself with givers.
Over 35 years ago I took my first week long workshop at the pottery of Rob Tetu where the instructor was Wayne Cardinalli. We built a castable kiln and melted it first firing. Wayne although he didn't know it had a large impact on what was to become my career. He is a mark maker and he blew up what I thought I needed to do- make them thin and sterile. His casual use of slip I have adopted throughout my career.
So today a cup arrives from yep- Wayne. He said it was a cross between me, him and a Japanese aesthetic.
Here are my thoughts:
I can see elements of my work mixed with Wayne's work. The poke in and the poke out I do, the undulated rim that I do, the excessive handles that I do, the beautiful scars I do. I don't do textured buttons, and rarely a top lug on the handle and I don't make big cups. I make small ones.
The pot brought back memories of camping at Rob Tetu's in my tent, smoking hash with a hippie woman( I didn't inhale), goats in Rob's house, and Wayne's enthusiasm for clay. I have never wanted to be anything other than a potter from that week on.
Each Christmas I receive a handmade card from Wayne and his life long partner Jeannie McRight. Not a text, not an email, not a Hallmark card- a handmade creative Christmas message of love and friendship.
So as I'm typing this a ding goes off on my email and being a slave I look at it. A message from Robert Sanderson the editor of The Log Book telling me I am receiving a year long complimentary subscription from Teresa Dunlop.
Teresa is a former student, my Administrative Assistant and a key member of the Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers. Teresa is giving a workshop for Fusion - Ontario Clay and Glass Association.
Teresa was a high school teacher of 33 years , mother of 5 and in retirement went to Sheridan College School of Craft and Design for 3 full time years. She has since been in my wood fire mentorship, resident at Harbourfront Studios in Toronto and had her work accepted and awarded in numerous shows. You will get so much good solid advice on life and pot making from Teresa should you attend this weekend workshop. I'd say run don't walk.
Thank you Wayne and Teresa for giving so generously to my life. Hugs and kisses, T.


Anonymous said…
You're a wise man T.C., pay it forward and be a giver. it's the best life possible.
As for the takers, they are just fleas in search of a dog.

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