My ole friend Grass Hopper used to come home from doing a workshop and head to the nearest garden centre to buy something for the garden. He left Judi with a life time of maintaining an amazing 5 acres of breath taking horticultural and garden art.
 After my 2 weeks in Maryland, I decided I had worked hard enough to allow myself a treat. I headed to my Amish Husqvarna dealer Leroy to buy myself to a new man tool. I have the Husqvarna multi tool and I find it the handiest man tool for maintenance of my small beginnings of gardening. I have the weed whacker, the edger, the blower, the hedge trimmer and now the pole chain saw.  All these fit on the multi tool making it only one motor I need Leroy to maintain for me although he has never had to do a thing. I buy Husky A. because they are a quality product B. I support a local business. C. most importantly is I have a trust in the people selling and servicing my product.
I can go talk to Leroy about my product. He knows them inside and out. I think you can buy Husqvarna products at Home Depot. No thanks! They are probably cheaper there. No thanks!
Husky mult tool- orange is me!

Big ole spruce tree needed a hair cut of dead limbs. 
 What happens in a months time when the motor ain't working properly should that happen???? I go back and see the man that sold it to me. He knows my name. He knows where I bought it. He knows to make it work. He knows to make it right with his loyal and valued customer.
I think I have always put service before price and convenience.
I also boycott bank machines during business hours because I always shoot the breeze with Donna or Darlene at my Credit Union. I want to keep them employed.  They know my name. They know my life. They know their jobs. Ain't, it all really simple? Build relationships of trust with people you trust.   Are you listening, Donny?


smartcat said…
Husky is the best! We have four chain saws a brush cutter that takes many different tools and other stuff. Like you we buy from our local guy. They know is and are great at trouble shooting.
Local is best. Support the local economy and make friends!

Tom WIrt said…
No Mr. T, Donny isn't listening. He pretty much knows everything. I hope our dear neighbors to the North will bear with us and forgive us. Happy summer.
smokieclennell said…
Tom: This is not a time to walk away from friends. It is a time to lean in and give them our support. You know how much I love my Merikan friends. I won't desert you in a bar room brawl. Happy summer to you. T

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