The trickle down effect

With this trade war going on around the world and especially with our best friends I figured it would not really effect little ole me. I don't really buy anything. I eat all my food from local sources. I never buy from big box stores or very much at all from the local grocery store. I buy some hardware items, gas and some imported spirits. Mostly, I get all I want in my little neighbourhood.
Today, I felt the trickle down. I went to the Amish to order some more ash for our firings going into 2019. I want to have a field full of wood seasoning. Whenever,  I have had wood kiln problems it has always been wood related. So with the help of Chad we are getting a handle on it. At least we were.
The young Amish guy told me that was the end of the ash. He is selling the logs to China. When I picked my jaw off the dirt I asked why. He said with the tariffs and hassle it is easier to deal with the Chinese. He is getting as much for the logs as he was getting for the cut lumber.
China is the fastest growing economy in the world and since Canada is a resource economy it could well become our biggest customer. I was amazed at how fast it trickled down to the Amish. They are smart business people. Cash only! I told him I'd take the next 40 bundles and he said take them in 2 days or it's first come, first serve. They like their money and wait for no one.  I can now only get 23 more as a guy there and then bought 17 right from under my nose. I'll top it up with maple as there is lots of it but it takes well over a year to season.
Taken from the car- the deer flies swarmed my car. They want blood!!


Anonymous said…
Ah Canada, perpetually hewers of wood and drawers of water.
Linda Starr said…
wonder if anyone has ever explored burning kenaf to feed a fire, it does make pretty good paper and it's renewable
Anonymous said…
Here in the US we have a pest called the emerald ash borer that is doing in all the ash trees, so soon there won't be any for anyone :<(
Cyndi said…
No frickin way!!

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