A Sucker for a Lovely Woman

It was at the opening of a show at Shane Norrie Contemporary- pots by moi, sculptures by Mary Philpott and paintings by Shane Norrie. This lovely young woman no more than the age of 10 kept going up to my moon jars  turning them around, rearranging them, taking them and putting them on another plint, humming and hawing. I figured what's up with this little shit? Is this another of the entitled youth?  Then I see her over at the cash buying one of the moon jars.
Not the moon jar I gave to Bianca

Bianca's drawing of her moon jar.(great foot)

After she leaves I ask what just went down. Elizabeth and Shane said oh that's Bianca she works for her mum next door at the flower shop and she bought that moon jar with her own money. She bought it as a treat for herself for working. Well, this is the kind of woman I've been searching the world for- good taste, generous, loves art and ain't afraid to work. At the end of the show I dropped off a little cup for Bianca at her mums's store. Bianca's purchase had touched me.

So last week I dropped some pots off at SNC and wanted to give Bianca a little surprise moon jar from me. A few days later I got this in the mail.  You know this kid is going to have class in maturity. You know she will have her own mind. You know art will be part of her life. A work ethic will be present in her life.  This is all the stuff that makes a parent proud. It is also the stuff that makes me want to make work that a sophisticated lovely young woman likes. The hardest most honest audience to please. .


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