There's no saving me!

This crack addiction is serious stuff!  I have no guiding light to steer me away from this serious habit of mine.  How on earth could Fong Choo enjoy glazing? I would almost rather eat humus and and go to pilates in tight pants than glaze. I've been at it all week and I see another 2 or 3 days ahead of me.
There are people that are glaze gurus. I'm not one of them. I'm a mud and fire man. That it what I enjoy the most- making and firing.
I think it is because I've made this latest glazing so dang complicated it wears me down. Bisque fire, dip in crack, bisque again, paint oxides into the cracks, wash the oxides off the surface leaving it in the cracks, glaze and then sometime this fall into Hell's Fire. My bisque kiln is going every day.  I can't wait to get to the Gates of Hell and stoke some wood into the firebox.
Do you ever have a pot you seem to follow through every process and keep an eye on it? I have a vase I made and added a foot and an addition on the side made of porcelain and Alabama black sand. I think Zach Sierke gave the sand to me but I associate it with a day with my southern friends combing the beach for Alabama Wild Clay. It was a wonderful day. I will make sure this vase gets prime real estate in Cassius Clay. After the kiln has kissed it,  I just might put a yellow rose for friendship in it, sit back with a Woodford Reserve and toast friendship.  Here's to you my friends!
Off to pilates( that's a joke).
I'd rather eat hummus!

So this is supposed to be fun?

I'm going to follow this one thru the process

Alabama black sand


Anonymous said…
Pilates and tight pants, I see a new calendar for you and your sexy potter cronies.

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