Turning smoke into fire

Lid of a butterfish
The difference between a good pot and a "so what" pot is the attention to detail paid by the maker. Most potters can make some jars and some simple lids.
A semester should have ya making 2 lb cylinders

Simple lids

Now what separates the smoke  from the fire is what the maker does to these simple to do forms.   Lots of people can make smoke but how many turn that smoke into fire. How do we add fire?   Each step that you take takes time. Time is all we have in the studio. So if you take the time you can make something special or you can decide they(the market)  won't care so why should I? Your pots will be around for a long time so there is time to change your mind as to what you want to see in 20 years. 
I know it is cooler to like understatement.  Since I seem to have made a living always swimming upstream I have taken to more is more. These simple little jars could have been trimmed and left alone. Poke some holes in the side- garlic, some holes in the lid potpourri, cut a hole in the lid- honey or sugar. The simple useful kitchen jar.
I don't want my jar put in the cupboard. I want it out for people to look at hence some more time is involved. 4 feet, impressed, push out on impressions to give volume, two side handles, Kanthal wire loop for knob. All this slows down the process and for me makes the pot more interesting. It also makes it unquestionably made by me. 

Stash jars ready for October 17th

When racking my brain for things to make under a 6" post I picked up my Richard Batterham butter dish and thought yes that is an item I like to use everyday. It sits on my island not in a cupboard so that is something I can get my head around.  Many potters live under the demands 6" post.


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