Powder Blues

If it ain't crack I've lovin' it's some other kind of powder- the powder blues. It still is no reason to send me to Hell although I am quite certain that is where all my good friends will be residing. Halos, wings and open toed sandals aren't suitable attire for a wood fire crew. For that matter Harp music would only put the entire gang to sleep. Now, if we're talking Harp lager post firing now we're on to something. Our wood kiln crew hasn't been listening to music of late. Seems people are more engaged with  fellow stokers than listening to tunes.  There will be tunes  when I fire it solo. I like blues, rock n roll, hotchie koo and what I call driving music. Crank up Steppinwolf's Born to Wild and watch the cones go down.
These are some pots from a gas firing that my cousin Brenda fired for me at Pinecroft. The Powder Blues were good but the shino was the colour of baby pooh. The worst kind of baby pooh.  Brenda reduces after Cone 04 is down which is far too late for shino. I reduce at 012 and at the latest 010. I am asking Emma to refire one in her next wood firing. Brenda sells mostly blues so the late reduction suits those pots.
I added a hand built addition to these vases since they were falling like bowling pins in the wood kiln. 
Sometimes the powder blues go green( rutile).
Here is a detail of some brush work on a shino crack vase.


Anonymous said…
Isn't that the point of music with a strong beat, to keep those stokers in action?

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