Get me to the church on time

I'm going to pottery in the morning
Ding-dong the wheels are gonna spin
We'll have a whopper, pull out the stopper
Get me to the pottery on time.

In the spring and fall we  hold church at Pinecroft on weekends.  Since I am a preacher of sorts I chose Sundays. This is a one day beginner class. The class starts at 9:30. By 11:30 when we break for lunch people can centre and make a cylinder. We walk across the dam to The Green Frog Tearoom where we have an hours lunch then back to the workshop to make bowls until clean up at 2:30. The students are allowed to keep their 3 best pieces. We trim and glaze them. They can have any colour they want as long as it is matte white and blue.
I teach on a 2 speed wheel of my Uncles made from a washing machine motor. Two speeds- on and off. 

 These are people that have had making pottery on their bucket list and want to give it a one day go. I tell them I too have a list that rhymes with bucket list.
The gang with their days treasures.

We are always amazed that many of these people have taken lessons elsewhere for 10-12 weeks and sometimes several sessions and still can't centre. Since all 3 of us teachers have made production pottery we know every mistake possible because we've made them before. We also know how to move clay efficiently with few steps.
None of these people want to be potters. They want a fun day out with friends and I see that as my job to deliver a fun experience. I have fun and as long as that keeps happening I will continue to preach the gospel according to Clennell.
Breakfast at The Green Frog
The gang for lunch. The place is licensed. I wish they'd drink to make my job easier. 


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