My dope is Art!

Today the Hot Potatoes came and unloaded The Champ to many ohhs and awes. We cleaned the kiln, had a crit of the work/the firing and they were off to their homes in Toronto with boxes full of goodies.
I made a nice dinner for myself, picked some flowers from the garden for the table, poured myself a tequila and lime and remembered that it is Saturday night and I will be spend the night listening to The Blues. My favourite night. That I spend it alone is better than spending it listening to Opera only to please someone.
I sat tequila in hand and thought about the success of the firing and the time spent together. Most of them have jobs doing something other than Art and this week was a special deviation from their norm. Me, I live Art.  My entire life is devoted to Art. I am surrounded by Art and artists. That is my dope- Art!
Some have told me I live an unbalanced life that all I do is Art. I'm Ok with that! It is my life and I love it. It's not your life so leave me alone.
Thanks to The Hot Potatoes for letting me put some stragglers in their firing. I work harder if I have ownership in a firing.
A friend asked me this weekend" Do you ever get tired of this and want to quit!" The answer was "Yes, but what the hell else would I do?" That's a sad answer for those of you that have another answer- I don't! If I hit 90 years old, I'm going to try heroin.
Crack t-pot and cup

Walrus snot bottle and nice understated shino

Sweet detail 

Not sure about this new me with all this colour!



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