Preparing to be stung.

One potato, two potatoes, three-- the Mississauga Hot Potatoes are on their way to fire Cassius Clay this weekend.
I haven't stepped into the ring with The Champ since May. I haven't missed the wood pile, the deer flies, the spiders that end up down my shirt, the mosquitos, the humidity, the sweltering heat, the splitting, the piling and in general all the prep for the firing.
I have missed the firing and the people. I have my sleeves clean and I'm ready to rock and roll with the punches.
Clean stoking sleeve.

When we first started these firings people would show up with hundreds upon hundreds of little cups all wanting to get as many pots in the kiln as possible. Since then more and more people are making work that they have time invested in. The kiln and I like this. The Champ floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.
The flower doesn't dream of the bee. The flower makes itself beautiful and the bee presents itself. Pots that are irresistibly beautiful going into the ring with The Champ have a very good chance of his full attention and taking a whooping. A whooping in this case is a very good thing- lots flame movement, lots of ash, some nice blueish black bruises from continued pounding. If ya come out of this kiln all white without marks of being in a battle Royal then we fired too fast and packed too tight. That ain't gonna happen!  The bee is ready to pollinate.
Well, I'm anxious to see how "HOT" The Hot Potatoes really are. There are a couple of vegetarians amongst them so I'm going to have to double up on grease to make up for their lack of protein.
The Hot Potatoes with Arrow and Andrea on loan from the Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers.


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