What's a matter for you?

I made some stash jars today in celebration of planting season here in Canada. 4 plants per person don't ask no more.
I had visitors at the studio watching me make and it kinda froze me up. I made these lids that had no expression to them at all. When the people left I made 6 that I like. I thought what's a matter for you Tony. These lids have nothing to say about you and your signature.  I like the ones I made in the good company of myself.  Granted they aren't for everyone but then neither am I.
Nice jars under those knobs and handles.

Knob detail

So the lifeless lids I made into egg poachers for the oven. A dash of butter, the crack of an egg and into the oven with some salt and pepper. If it is good enough for my favourite potter Richard Batterham it is good enough for me.
Richard Batterham egg baker gift of Judi Dyelle and Robin Hopper.
Stash jars gotta make ya smile

I love to make marks in clay. I like to poke it, prod it, distort it and relish in the plasticity of a creative material. I can make perfect I just choose not to.
I have 8 students coming for a week long course starting Monday.
They aren't coming here to study with me because they believe in the status quo. They have chosen interesting and that I what I plan to deliver.


Anonymous said…
Be a tall poppy!
Anonymous said…
Will you be doing any performance art in the future?
Anonymous said…
one’s real life is so often the life that one does not lead

-Oscar Wilde
Anonymous said…
In an age where there is much talk about “being yourself” I reserve to myself the right to forget about being myself, since in any case there is very little chance of my being anybody else. Rather it seems to me that when one is too intent on “being himself” he runs the risk of impersonating a shadow.

-Thomas Merton
Anonymous said…
Be yourself.
Everyone else is already taken.
smartcat said…
Never stop doing all those cool handles!
Anonymous said…
Makes those handles 20 feet tall, so we all can bask in their glory.


Anonymous said…
If only you were British Tony, we could all watch you on TV.


Anonymous said…
No one will ever call you a cookie cutter potter!
Anonymous said…
Don't dumb down
Own your greatness!

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