Ceramic Brains- What say You?

This morning I threw a couple of saggars for Sheila's boxes. She likes the look of our dry ash glaze best on the inside of the box. The outside especially where thick fluxes and she is convinced it is the atmosphere created from the burners. We are going to try to saggar the pots.She likes dry and crusty which could have been her attraction to me.
One thing I've discovered with doing this blog is that it is strangely enuff potters that read it. Whodda thunk it??? Any ideas on this hypothesis of saggared glazes!


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Is the reduced iron fluxing the glaze?
smokieclennell said…
Sean: Same glaze inside and out. Pots reduce on the inside too! tc
Mr. Young said…
It will be interesting to see the results of the sagger firing. Can't wait to see the pictures!
Finally catching up on your blog. email's next. We've always puzzled this inside/outside difference, too. An additional explanation possibility is the difference in cooling rates...outside cooling faster. Would explain why we often see smoother surfaces inside, more fluxing because of longer time at temp and less crystallization frozen. Which flies in the face of your seeing rougher surfaces inside...different glazes. We're now messing with a spod glaze that is giving dramatic differences in and out.

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