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It seems to me the secret of stayin' alive in this business has been our ability to sell our own work. It is wonderful to have exposure in larger markets to be sure but the day to day bread and butter of our livelihood depends on the energy and tenacity of Sheila and I. It means for the most part we work 7 days a week. As long as we're home we're open. For the longest time it seemed hard for me to get myself out to the studio on Sundays. Sunday is now my favourite day in the studio all because of CBC radio our Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's commercial free radio. It is the crafts person's university, newspaper, audio book and connection to the outside world. Sunday starts with Micheal Enwright The Sunday Edition which is probably the best companion you could wish for on a Sunday morning. That's a pic of Micheal in a bowtie.
Noon has the stories of Stuart MacLean- if you have never heard Dave Cooks the Turkey it is a Christmas annual that never ceases to bring a tear to my eye. The Jonathon Goldstein Wiretap also cracks me up. The afternoon usually has scholars, authors and really interesting thought provoking talks. We often treat ourselves to a glass of wine while listening and working.
BTW_ I never knew how to answer those of you that posted to my blog. I now figured it out-duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I too make a comment on my blog. Sorry it wasn't I wasn't listening it's just the learning curve.


Anonymous said…
Now Tony, don't forget to listen to "Ideas", weeknights at 9pm. Night-time is the right time for some of us parental units to churn out the pots.

All hail the CBC! Way to go Garvia Bailey on As It Happens!!!
mikpo said…
We can't get much on the radio at our studio so we pipe in via internet: try WYQS, WAMU (Dianne Rehm on weekday mornings). Also you can pipe in any sort of music--classical, jazz, or Anouar Brahem or Toumani Diabate if your lucky.

We used to get CBC in Virginia, but stopped some years ago owing to some issue. Happily the internet ignores peevish snubs.
linda said…
Hey Tony.....i've been checking out your blog for sometime now, and just want to say hi!!! Yeah for the CBC, and i agree, sunday's are the best..i'm also a big fan of Q on weekday mornings! I'm not sure if making a comment here will give you access to my blog at wordpress....this is the second time i've written this comment, i have no idea where the first one went!!!
anyhooo, i love the stamped work you're doing, ever since i attended a Lana Wilson workshop, many moons ago in Toronto, i've been captivated by the textures of using stamps. but i've been a bit slack in the area of applying them to round upright pieces, using them mostly on slab and molded've given me the kick in the old butt to be more pushy with my stamps!!! thanks!
now that my new studio is up and running i'll be getting into more of a routine. anyway, great blog here!!!
cheers, Linda
linda said…
ps i don't have a blog on Google, mine is on's a link...
smokieclennell said…
Linda_ Sooooooooo glad to see ya landed on your feet in the highlands. the cottages look great and best of luck with pots and tourism.
Hollis Engley said…
Michael Enwright's late evening show (can't remember the name) was carried on one of the Washington DC stations when we lived down there 15 years ago. Always loved it and the sense that the whole of Canada was just one small town. People would call from St. Johns or Alberta and rant (in a civil fashion) about something and then close by saying, "Love the show." I'm glad to be able to connect with Enwright again.
Wendy said…
CBC radio has had a huge impact on my life. I was in a remote N Ontario mining town when I was first married, just out of college. CBC was the only radio available, and the time was just before the heyday of Morningside with Gzowski, etc.

Every day, especially once I had kids, and continuing as I ran a home-based business (to this day), I heard countless tales of other great (and ordinary) Canadians doing wonderful things. I read books I never would have heard about. I heard debates about issues that helped me to be a much better thinker.

My life is immeasurably richer because of CBC Radio. I have a hobby studio with a radio that is always tuned to CBC, of course.


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