Down right nasty

I have seen a picture of Allison Coles Severance without a beautiful smile on her face. She is slugging bricks with a smile. Dealing with a washed out driveway and studio with a smile. Firing a wood kiln with a smile. I took Allison a cup with my nasty handle that is designed to hurt when you pick it up. I told Allison that perhaps that would wipe the smile off her face. Well from the looks of it it's going to take more than I can muster. Keep smiling Allison, it is contagious. t


smartcat said…
Smiles engender smiles! A terrific lady!
Deb said…
Fun post. I'm new to your blog, Tony. I love pottery and thought I'd look about blog-land for some pottery blogs. Love yours so I'll follow along from Ontario, Canada. Deb

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