Welcoming a hard workin' troubador

I have just finished up the "Shino First" course at Pinecroft. What an amazing group of makers. I can't tell ya how blessed I feel to get to be a part of this learning clay process. People came and met friends that seem to have jelled.
With that course put to bed we now look forward to next Saturday with southern Ontario's prodigal son Chris Snedden doing a one day workshop on photo transfer. Chris is the real deal having been in the trenches for a couple of decades carving out a living and an identity.  What we try to do best at Pinecroft is appeal to all the senses. So if you want to come for a clay day stay over for a night of amazing guitar music with Graham Warthrop the leading acoustic guy from the land of Kiwi- NZ.
It's all on the Pinecroft.ca website. t


Linda Starr said…
wish I was closer I have a years of Western ghost town photos I'd love to put on plates

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