Random Acts of Kindness

I maintain that it is what you do when you don't have to that really matters. I wrote an piece for a catalogue of the Ronnie the Rat Show that was put together by friend and fellow potter Steve Driver of Arkansas. Steve did a mountain of work putting this show together for our friend Ronnie. Not only did he put the show together but he had an amazing catalogue of Ronnie's pots that included essays by friends including yours truly. My essay was entitled Ronnie the Rat- what else? I just received in the mail a lovely thank you from Steve and a handmade paddle he made. It came totally unexpected and most appreciated. Steve did not have to do that as it was my pleasure but I sure as hell ain't gonna send it back to him. It's sweet!
That's Steve in the MIT shirt at the table in Ronnie and Hester's house having a meal with the firing crew that assembled to fire the Ratagama. Potters really are the best in the world to hang with.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Yep. Potters really are the best to hang with. Food's good, too!
Unknown said…
Hey I totally agree with tc and Vicki. My very best friends are potters!! Great food, great fun and great conversation!!

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