The woman of my dreams

Well here is a pic of the woman of my dreams. Actually I've had a woman in the house this weekend making good food and plucking flowers in the window sills. The family Stone ( Steve and Lise Corner Stone)  have been visiting this weekend and we have eaten well and talked pots until the wee hours of the night. Well, the wee hours for us is 10 pm. Getting ready to take off to Virginia and visit with Allison, Blair and meet up with new buddy Dan. Dan has got  a stash of my new addiction on hand- Virginia Hubs peanuts. Man they are good!


Dennis Allen said…
Have a wonderful adventure.
Vicki Hamilton said…
Tony, please tell Steve, and especially Lise, that Vicki VonVicki says hello!
Anonymous said…
Hello to Vicki, I have sent you a facebook friend request. Warmly, Lise Garrette aka Mrs. Corner Stone

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