The weeds in my garden

Well I'm just off a 5 day workshop with Chris Campbell where she demonstrated coloured clay here at Pinecroft. Admittedly colour is intoxicating. I threw some of that Frost clay or what is supposed to be clay to demonstrate swirl and coloured handles. Man, I struggled with that stuff in the handle dept. I cam home believing that pink was the new black. But at home a couple of vases served to remind me that as hard as one tries you can not compete with Mother Nature. Here are some weeds from my garden displayed in a Sunshine Cobb oval and a vase from Ronnie the Rat's Ratagama. These vases serve as a canvas for the weeds to beautify my man cave. I call them weeds since if I had my way I'd pull them all out and have a firebrick lawn. Ahhhhhhh that is where the term flower brick came from.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Lovely weeds! I can admire the colored porcelain work, but I don't feel moved to do it or own it.

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