Send the Envoy In!

I'm right across the river from DC so with 18 students on wheels to throw BIGWARE I phoned the President and asked him to send the envoy in. I have a couple of torpedos up my sleeve so I should be able to deliver a good solid hit. Great energy here at the Torpedo Factory. Blair Meerfeld is working his buns off here at this place and the mojo is showing with the students. Classes are full and there are lots of happy faces.  Blair even brought in musical entertainment for me. Tonight I get crabs and the blues. Spotted a blues bar in the downtown section. What a beautiful old city with real cobblestone streets and million dollar brownstones.


Dennis Allen said…
Crabs and the blues. Well a lot of folks get the blues after they get crabs.Have one for me.
Dan Finnegan said…
So, crabs without me, eh? I guess it'll be tofu on Sunday!!!
Susi Cora said…
Wonderful weekend workshop with Tony. Thanks to you, Allison and Blair for sharing your expertise so generously!

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