More and more

These days I need more and more, less and less. Knowing when to leave it alone can be what makes it all work out best. I think this has something to do with life and pots. When we first start out we try to do it all- stamping, sprigging, poking, texturing, brushing, slipping and almost everything we ever learned at pottery class all at one time. With age comes a certain restraint.
I'm not sure I'm growed up quite yet. Here are a couple of my dinner plates that are going south of 49. They have paper resist decoration, white slip, handles,pink shino, iron brushwork and of course handles. Maybe in my next life I'll just make a plain white plate. No forget that notion. It feels good being me.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Restraint! Sheesh. I've been wrestling with that one myself lately, along with spraying glazes on certain forms which I don't do much. Buona fortuna, T.

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