The BIG hair with a smile.

I landed in Cascade, Maryland at the lovely home of Allison Coles Severance and Blair Meerfeld. I prefer to spell it Meerfield as I am a Brit of origin and we like to colonize the world. Turning a Scandinavian into a subject of the colony is not such a big deal.
Allison truly does have a contagious million dollar smile and Blair and I have walked in each others shoes so it is like a home coming of sorts. The house has thousands of pots both contemporary and historical and just when you think you are visually overloaded they take you up to the attic where there are hundreds more. They even have Ronnie the Rats not on display in the attic. It is a serious addiction with these two. They cleared a place on a table so we could have a delightful meal cooked up lovingly by the Big Hair with a Smile.


Dennis Allen said…
Now THAT looks like a collection!
Annied01 said…
Wow! That's a lot of pots!!
Christina said…
Blair and Allison are two of my favorite people. Good throwing tomorrow on day 2 of your workshop!

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