Excited to see the kids

Right smartly after the Chris Snedden photo transfer workshop on Saturday I'm off to the Toroonto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Philips Square in downtown Toronto to see my kids. I'm excited! Well, they're really not kids and they really aren't mine. The ceramic line up at the outdoor show this year is owned by Sheridan students that I have taught and corrupted over the past decade.
Here is the line up as best I can recall:
Amber Zuber, Alix Davis, Andrew Kellner, Deb Freeman, Hannun Lynn, Joon Hee Kim, Julie Moon, Lauren Blakey, Lee Ann Janissen, Lindsay Montgomery, and Patrick Yeung. I am soooooooo proud of this bunch of fine makers. If you want to see some great ceramic work run don't walk to TOAE. It is usually hot enough to fry an egg on the concrete so take them a water or relieve them so they can go to the beer tent.
I don't have pics of all of them but here is Andrew with Emma who is my companion for the journey into Teeeeee Ohhhhhhh! Then there is Amber with dogs and friend Jen Drysdale. I have taught Jen at Pinecroft and I am going to poke and prod at her to apply for that show next year. Jen's work is really catching fire in the past year.

So the one with the Fruit Loops is actually my daughter Robin. Her and friends kicked off Pride Weekend with a breakfast of Fruit Loops.


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