How can it be?

Somewhere back in the 90's on a road trip between Logan, Utah and Salt Lake City David Funk who arranged my trip to USU put Guy Clark on probably a tape deck at that time. I instantly loved his song writing and it began my passion for Texan singer song writers. So in Cascade, Maryland Blair Meerfeld knew of my liking for Clark and gave me an article to read on his newly released CD- My Favourite Picture of You. It is about his wife who had put up with so much shit from him and Townes Van Zandt. So now his wife has died and he has cancer but the worst part was that he is in the red to so many. How could arguably one of America's best song writers not be rich? It seems no different in this field. Dan Finnegan told me how Micheal Cardew lived so close to the bone and Ray Finch too. How can lesser talents prosper and these legends in their fields garner such high regard from peers and pennies from the market place? Here is a Guy Clark song _The Cape that I often play for my students on that last class when I leave them and they are about to go head first or walk away.
I ordered Guy's new CD My Favourite Picture of You and I anxiously await it's delivery on Monday. I hope a few bucks find there way to him.


Dennis Allen said…
My favorite living songwriter
John Bauman said…
I take heart in the possibility that success isn't measured in money.

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