Hells Bells

I dipped my Finnegans today in a thick white slip. Dan's are easy to identify as nice functional vases. Actually his are VAZZES cause they cost over $100. My Finnegans are vases too, at least in my mind. Some people visiting the studio today asked Cassara if they were bells? Good thing I wasn't there as I would have had some smart ass thing to say like "Hells Bells they are vases hoping to be vazzes!" I love the look of pots freshly dipped in thick slip. They look good enough to eat. I should sprinkle some coloured candy sprinkles on them and hope one of the visitors eats one. Oh yeah, the other question today was "How much do they go for?". Where is Dennis Allen

when I need him?


Dennis Allen said…
Your Finnegans need birds on them but to price them in Canadian money, 3 fox and a beaver.
Bruce said…
If you gotta ask how much they are, you can't afford one.

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