Trimming with a garden hoe

This is a Pete Voulkos tea bowl that I like to visit when I visit my friend Ronnie the Rat. I love how Pete used something like a garden hoe to trim this pot. Marks of process are what so interest me in pots. Glazes not so much! I have recently seen pots by Bruce Dehnert and Lisa Hammond that are trimmed with a piece of stick. These sticks leave great marks of process. Hey,

I don't think they had Dolan's and Bison tungsten carbide blades in the Medieval days when I wished I could have been a fly on the wall.


Dennis Allen said…
I need to sharpen up my faceting hatchet !
Togeika said…
If Voulkos ate clay, shit it out & fired it, people would eat it up. Hamada did not kill his runts so Mashiko shops are full of genuinely ugly Hamadas. ;)

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