Getting your bell ringed!

Today I reversed the ribbon and put it at the bottom of the cup to rest the handle on to. I'm not sure yet how comfy this arrangement is going to be. I am sketching! I am sketching with clay. As I finish this set of cups I'm thinking of glazing for an upcoming wood firing. I have two glazes - a shino and another shino! How brilliant is this????? If I were a smart man I would pick one of those maverick glazes that does all the colours of the rainbow and people would oooooooh and ahhhhhh at how clever I am. If not multi coloured then at least I should glaze it blue.  I don't make any pots that I wouldn't want in my own home.  I like pots with a looooooong shelf life not ones I would easily tire of. I remember once as a young man deliberating over a bright red or a green down ski jacket. I loved the red one  because it was show offy and since I was paying a lot of money for the coat

I wanted people to  notice me. I bought the green one because I knew I would like it for longer. There are many days for me that are not red days. These are the days that I prefer more somber colours. As I look around The Cactus Lounge here in my man cave I see pots and art that don't scream- LOOK AT ME! The loudest one in the room is usually the weakest one in the room.  My dad used to warn me " watch out for the quiet ones because they are the ones most likely to ring your bell.  I feel that same way about pots.


gz said…
sketching in clay...fantastic!....wish they'd have accepted that in college!!

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