It Should Have Been Better

One of the best lines I ever heard during a student critique was “ It should have been better!” How much better I asked?  If it was supposed to be 20% better then perhaps your Grade C ought to be a Grade A.
My pots would be better if I had a gas kiln, better yet if I had a wood kiln and even better still if I had that maverick glaze that would turn my mediocre pots into wonderful.
My life would so much better if I had more money. Better still if I had the money and unconditional and uncompromising love.  Some even believe life will be better in the after life. Always waiting for something or someone to make things better. How long ya going to wait? Till you win the lottery? Till John Britt gives you the glaze that will rock the world? Till Barbie or Ken walk into your life? Some people spend their entire lives waiting to live.

In some recent phone conversations with my friend Grass Hopper he more less told me “ My life couldn’t have been better!. That reads a whole lot better than “ It should have been better!”.


Cyndi said…
Yup, that is definitely, how Grass felt. We all need to work hard to feel the same way. How did your firing go?

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